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Doosan series diesel generators
Product Specifications


Cooperated with South Korea‘s daewoo DAWOO (officially joined Doosan group in 2005) to provide the high valuable performance DW series diesel generator sets, with the features of low consumption, low maintenance cost, low noise, reliable quality and economic performance, etc.

Model Frequency 50HZ Engine Model
Standby Prime
SP-DW350 330KVA 300KVA P126TI-
SP-DW412 412KVA 375KVA P158LE-1
SP-DW500 450KVA 410KVA DP158LC
SP-DW550 550KVA 500KVA P180LE
SP-DW670 660KVA 600KVA P222LE
SP-DW700 700KVA 635KVA P222LE-S


Model Frequency 60HZ Engine Model
Standby Prime
SP-DW350-60 370KVA 330KVA P126TI-
SP-DW412-60 448KVA 406KVA P158LE-1
SP-DW450-60 500KVA 455KVA P158LE
SP-DW550-60 625KVA 556KVA P180LE
SP-DW670-60 750KVA 676KVA P222LE
SP-DW700-60 778KVA 706KVA P222LE-S

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