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Deutz series diesel generators
Product Specifications

Germany Deutz company is the world‘s first-rate manufacturer of diesel engine, which was founded in 1864, created by the inventor of four stroke gas engine . After more than 130 years improvement and validation, Deutz has become one of the world‘s largest manufacturers of diesel engine. With its excellent design, advanced quality and variety of flexibility, Deutz has achieved a wide range of success in the field of engine.

Model Frequency 50HZ Engine Model
Standby Prime
SP-DE65 65KVA 60KVA BF4M2012
SP-DE80 79KVA 73KVA BF4M2012C
SP-DE95 94KVA 85KVA BF4M1013E
SP-DE110 109KVA 100KVA BF4M1013EC
SP-DE142 142KVA 130KVA BF4M1013FC
SP-DE165 165KVA 150KVA BF6M1013EC
SP-DE205 206KVA 188KVA BF6M1013FC G2
SP-DE220 220KVA 200KVA BF6M1013FC G3
Model Frequency 60HZ Engine Model
Standby Prime
SP-DE65-60 75KVA 70KVA BF4M2012
SP-DE80-60 88KVA 80KVA BF4M2012C
SP-DE95-60 97KVA 88KVA BF4M1013E
SP-DE110-60 116KVA 106KVA BF4M1013EC
SP-DE142-60 146KVA 132KVA BF4M1013FC
SP-DE165-60 178KVA 162KVA BF6M1013EC
SP-DE205-60 225KVA 205KVA BF6M1013FC G2
SP-DE220-60 250KVA 226KVA BF6M1013FC G3

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