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Volvo series diesel generators
Product Specifications
Swedish VOLVO engine adopts electronic fuel injection technology, with high performance and strong reliability. The gensets have advantage of good starting performance, stable voltage, reliable operation, low emissions, low noise, convenient maintenance, as well as advanced economical ability and good performance under high altitude.
Model Frequency 50HZ Engine Model
Standby Prime
SP-V109 109KVA 110KVA TAD531GE
SP-V142 142KVA 130KVA TAD532GE
SP-V165 165KVA 150KVA TAD731GE
SP-V206 206KVA 188KVA TAD732GE
SP-V220 220KVA 200KVA TAD733GE
SP-V275 275KVA 250KVA TAD734GE
SP-V358 346KVA 325KVA TAD941GE
SP-V415 412KVA 375KVA TAD1343GE
SP-V450 450KVA 410KVA TAD1344GE
SP-V500 506KVA 462KVA TAD1345GE
SP-V550 550KVA 500KVA TAD1641GE
SP-V670 660KVA 600KVA TAD1642GE
SP-V700 700KVA 630KVA TWD1643GE
Model Frequency 60HZ Engine Model
Standby Prime
SP-V275-60 275KVA 250KVA TAD734GE
SP-V350-60 363KVA 330KVA TAD1341GE
SP-V415-60 440KVA 400KVA TAD1343GE
SP-V450-60 500KVA 455KVA TAD1344GE
SP-V550-60 642KVA 570KVA TAD1641GE
SP-V625-60 688KVA 625KVA TAD1642GE
SP-V700-60 750KVA 688KVA TWD1643GE

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