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MTU series diesel generators
Product Specifications

Sinostar M series environmental protection power generator set, powered by MTU (Germany Daimler Benz group members) electronic injection diesel engine. The MTU history can be traced back to the 18th century. With the excellent and advanced technology, the MTU engine is one of the best quality products in the world..

Model Frequency 50HZ Engine Model
Standby Prime
SP-M880 880KVA 800KVA 12V2000G65
SP-M1000 1000KVA 910KVA 16V2000G25
SP-M1100 1100KVA 1000KVA 16V2000G65
SP-M1250 1250KVA 1135KVA 18V2000G65
SP-M1375 1375KVA 1250KVA 12V4000G21R
SP-M1500 NA 1400KVA 12V4000G23R
SP-M1700 1660KVA 1550KVA 12V4000G23
SP-M1800 1800KVA 1640KVA 12V4000G23
SP-M2000 2000KVA 1813KVA 12V4000G63
SP-M2250 2250KVA 2050KVA 16V4000G23
SP-M2500 2500KVA 2245KVA 16V4000G63
SP-M2750 2750KVA 2500KVA 20V4000G23
SP-M3000 3000KVA 2750KVA 20V4000G63
SP-M3250 3250KVA 3000KVA 20V4000G63L
Model Frequency 60HZ Engine Model
Standby Prime
SP-M880-60 1000KVA 910KVA 12V2000G85
SP-M1000-60 1137KVA 1025KVA 16V2000G45
SP-M1100-60 1250KVA 1135KVA 16V2000G85
SP-M1250-60 1462KVA 1137KVA 16V2000G85
SP-M1700-60 1875KVA 1700KVA 12V4000G43
SP-M2000-60 2200KVA 2000KVA 12V4000G83
SP-M2250-60 2500KVA 2275KVA 16V4000G43
SP-M2500-60 2750KVA 2500KVA 16V4000G83
SP-M2750-60 3125KVA 2183KVA 20V4000G43
SP-M3000-60 3438KVA 3125KVA 20V4000G83
SP-M3250-60 3750KVA 3450KVA 20V4000G83L

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